About Us

E-Clear and Simple / E-Clear Express Store is based on more than 15 years of experience in the sales industry in order to provide an Easier Simpler and Securer, alternative goods supplier. We have negotiated preferential rates with major suppliers to ensure we can provide you with the best deal around. Compare our prices and ease of purchase and see how Easy we really are !

Easy Peezy !

1.       We provide very competitive rates on all goods.

2.       We provide for all your needs under one site, and if we don’t have it drop us a mail and we can source it for you at competitive rates.

3.       No hidden charges.

4.       Negotiated courier fees. This enables you to have products delivered to your door-step at cost efficient rates.

5.       Most major brands available under one site.

6.       Hero Specials ! for subscribed members on a monthly basis.

7.       Stock available on latest trending goods .

Secure :

Our website is established around you, and the safety of your information is important to us. We have integrated our site with secure payment options available. PayPal , Pay Fast and Virtual Card Services , this ensures the safety and security of your information. We are affiliated with a leading Financial Service provider.

We also accept Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) . Proof of payment can be emailed to payments@e-clearexpress.co.za. Please note that orders will only be released once EFT payments have been cleared into our bank account.

Now for Simple:

Our site is integrated with efficient systems to give you a Clear ,Simple & Smart    online shopping experience, with the latest range of products on offer at cost effective pricing and speedy delivery to your door.
Please Drop Us A Mail With Manufacture Name For Warranty Details on warranty@e-clearexpress.co.za.