With regard to Commission incentive this is how it works.

Quick Cash Incentives

We don’t have any major requirements for signing up to be an agent / quick cash incentives .

No signing up fees .

Your orders need to be a min of 6 items @ a time. We import these jewellery directly,  and specialise mainly in wholesale.

Once you are signed up we then refer retail customers in your area to you. I would need some basic information to have you signed up as an agent


Full names :
Contact numbers :
Physical address for delivery :
Email address :
Whatsapp no :


Once these details are submitted, I will successfully load you onto the system.


We have a recommended retail price ( you can inflate or deflate this price)  . Ws prices are approximately R 30- R 50 off depending on the item you sell.


Certain items fall into different time period delivery ( 21 days and 60 days) . Most items provided orders of 6 or more items are placed fall into 21 day category. 60 days are usually for certain selection of items and under 6 items.


payment of 50 % of order value is required to process orders. once payment is made the 21 days / 60 working days start.


my working hours are during business hours. after business hours I will respond when I am available.


orders preferably to be sent via whatsapp or email


Catalogue can be found on

More details , click here


We look forward to doing business with you!  Have a great day & kind regards.

A simple, Smart & Secure method of making quick Cash / Commission with no cost to you.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate contacting us further